Slow Cooker Syrup Sponge Pudding Recipe

With the arrival of the new year and the cold weather, its always comforting to have a delicious warming dessert after dinner. As the costs of electricity have been a big issue of late here in the UK, my slow cooker has been my go to piece of equipment in the kitchen. Plus with the… Continue reading Slow Cooker Syrup Sponge Pudding Recipe


Gingerbread Loaf Cake Recipe

Happy New Year for 2022! We managed to finally get back to Spain to finally spend time with family after way too long, thanks to lockdowns and restrictions. It was amazing to get a break away from the day to day and for Baby to meet her family members in real life instead of over… Continue reading Gingerbread Loaf Cake Recipe


Summer Holiday 2021 – Padstow, Cornwall

A few years back, Hubby managed to convince me to go on a camping holiday for the first time- yeah, I did not like the idea of it at all at the time. But I have to say, I did become a camping convert after that! I think that it helped that we made it… Continue reading Summer Holiday 2021 – Padstow, Cornwall


Weekend Travels – Manningtree

Last weekend, Dimas and I decided to have a day out somewhere exploring. For January, the weather seemed pleasant enough to risk going out - unlike today which is rainy, blustery and basically a duvet day. We live in Essex and decided to go somewhere that's not too far out of the way but enough… Continue reading Weekend Travels – Manningtree


War-Time Cookery: Mixed Fruit Pudding Recipe from 1940

Over the summer, I happened to pop into a local museum on my lunch break; it was a wonderfully calm (and air conditioned!) way to spend an hour. After having a look around the exhibits, I came across this little reproduction booklet of War-Time Cookery from 1940. Inside there are recipes for meat and veg… Continue reading War-Time Cookery: Mixed Fruit Pudding Recipe from 1940

Land Girl Life

Diary of a Modern Land Girl – Part 2

Since my first post on our allotment adventure, we've had an unfortunate gap in being able to give it as much attention as we had hoped. Between work and exams, we haven't made it to our patch in a few weeks. After a load of spring thunderstorms, we came back to what looked like something… Continue reading Diary of a Modern Land Girl – Part 2


Limoncello Drizzle Cake – Recipe

As it's Easter and spring is on the way, it seems a perfect time to make a cake that's full of Mediterranean sunshine - especially when spring in England usually means grey, rainy skies (just like today in fact!) For Easter Monday tea, my mum's requested a lemon drizzle cake.  As it's a bank holiday,… Continue reading Limoncello Drizzle Cake – Recipe