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Confessions of a 31 Year Old Student

study-1-2.jpgSo, last year I decided to back to university.

In my previous working life, I have been a retail assistant, then my first office job was working in export and then after that I decided to train as a teacher.  Being a teacher seemed to be the next logical step for me at the time (and something that all my own teachers said that I would become one day anyway!) but after the training year I felt at a bit of a loss of what to do.  None of the local schools seemed to be a great fit and I began to lack a lot of confidence in myself. I felt like I had failed as a teacher but I still wanted to be part of the education world. I then began to work at a local government office, helping children with special educational needs. A few years of working in this role opened my eyes to just how much work and support that children with learning difficulties need so that they can make progress in their education, and working with the Educational Psychologists made me want to investigate things further.

Fast forward a year, In the midst of planning my wedding I got an unconditional acceptance to a nearby university on a Masters level Psychology course. As of October I was a married woman and finally getting started back in to student life.

I am now 6 weeks into the course and it would be a lie to say that I haven’t had my share of ‘what have I done?!’ moments, but then again, I’m still going! The main difficulty has been trying to get my head around statistics.  Anyone who knows me could tell you that numbers are definitely not my strong point! Although I am trying my absolute hardest to have a go at all of the tasks and readings that they throw my way. Coursework deadline 1 is approaching in just around two weeks so wish me luck! My aim is to go to go the Q&A session prior to the deadline and hopefully tie up any loose ends I might have.  I have also gone with the strategy of getting the majority of the report written up and going over the background readings rather than focussing (stressing) over the results part.  That way, most of the lengthy work will be completed and I can then ensure that the results and discussion can be properly looked at.

On the other side of things, the evening sessions on Psychobiology and now Cognitive Psychology are absolutely fascinating! The lectures are so full of information that you can’t help but absorb what is going on, I really hope that something has definitely stuck by the time that the exams roll around in January. I will be glad to get the statistics coursework out of the way so that I can pick up a bit more on both of these branches.

I will try and post fairly regular updates (study permitting!) on my journey through the masters programme. The highs, the lows and the balancing study, work and life.  If you are going through something similar yourself right now, or are thinking of starting at university either for the first, second or even third time – feel free to leave a comment and share your own experiences or questions/worries!

Nic x

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