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My September Reads

Now that summer is coming to an end, I’m getting in the mood for cosy evenings watching spooky films and reading good books – with plenty of cups of hot tea in my witches brew mug!

The Bell Witch A Second Chance

This month I have picked up The Bell Witch by Brent Monahan and A Second Chance (The Chronicles of St. Mary’s Series)  by Jodi Taylor.

The Bell Witch is based on the true tale of the Bell Witch Haunting of Tennessee during 1817-1821. Monahan has edited this book from an eye witness account of poltergeist activity that affected the Bell family. The story is easy to get into and while I have not yet found the events to be all that scary, the actions of the witch/poltergeist keep you fascinated as to what it is going to do next and the truth of its origins. The fact that there are no chapters in the book makes the book even more un-put downable as there is no opportunity to say the usual ‘just one more chapter’ line! As one supernatural event happens, the lead up to the next one begins with no real break in between.

A Second Chance is the third book in the Chronicles of St Mary’s series by Jodi Taylor. Since I happened to pick up the first book  (Just One Damned Thing After Another) to read while I was having my hair dyed, I’ve loved returning to this series for the next chapter in their adventures! The series follows Madeline Maxwell, known as Max, as she joins the secretive institution of St Mary’s. Max’s knowledge of history makes her the perfect candidate to take part in their time travel project where they aim to study important historical events as they happen but try not to mess them up along the way! Taylor’s writing style brings a touch of British sarcasm and dark humour, making the characters and story all the more relatable. I personally would love to work as a St Mary’s historian! The pacing keeps you focused on wondering what’s going to happen next as there are often many twists and turns. Just as you think things are going ok, something goes horribly wrong.

If you happen to get to read (or have already read) these books let me know in the comments what you think. Or if you have any suggestions of books I can read next month I would love to hear from you!

Nic x

(Please note: This post contains affiliate links for products I have bought for myself.)

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