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Diary of a Modern Land Girl – Part 4

As summer now comes to an end, we have continued to work on our plot and we have now managed to get 3/4 of it cleared and ready to be cultivated!

victory garden potato plant
Baby potato plants growing nicely

September gave us our first harvest (even though it was small) we had a few little carrots, a parsnip, potatoes, runner beans and five huge courgettes! I wasn’t sure how best to use the courgettes other than roasting them with other veg, but a quick Pinterest solved that problem. I discovered Half Baked Harvest’s broccoli, cheddar and zucchini soup recipe and it was amazing! I’m not much of a soup fan most of the time, but this was delicious. I think the cheddar part is what really sold it for me but it was a definitely a different and tasty way to use up those courgettes!

victory garden runner bean plant
The runner bean plant has been one of my favourites that we have on our plot. I definitely want to grow more of them next time around!

To ready our Victory Garden for winter, we have put up our new huge poly tunnel that will be used to grow lettuce and spinach for over the winter to make sure we still get plenty of vitamins for when it gets cold.

Now that the courgettes have been harvested, I have planted a new crop of cabbage and cauliflower to be overwintered as well as a few rows of broad beans.  After only a week lots of little green shoots have started to show.

victory garden cabbage
Tiny cabbage shoots starting to show!

I was so pleased with my little carrots that I made a new patch just for a new crop of those.  No sign of any shoots yet, but I’m hopeful that they might show themselves sometime soon

victory garden carrot
A raised bed for the new carrot patch

I’m also really glad to have got the shed painted with its first coat of protective paint before any really bad weather sets in and its now a lovely shade of blue-green. Dimas also did a brilliant job of re-roofing and it has held really well and kept the inside dry so far.

All in all I’d say we are on our way to really getting our plot under control and I can’t wait for next spring to get our victory garden properly under way!

Nic x

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