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I Love Lucie Vintage Hair Workshop

I was really looking forward to meeting Lucie and to learn how to create styles similar to those gorgeous looks that you see on Instagram and I was not disappointed. It was also a lovely opportunity to meet other like minded ladies within the pin-up community.

Lucie has her own salon in Stockport near Manchester and holds monthly appointments at Hula Beauty in  Hackney. I was both surprised at just how far people are willing to travel to see Lucie but at the same time not surprised when you see just how skilled she is a creating authentically vintage hair styles!

Photo 25-11-2018, 13 25 26
All set up for the class!

The class aimed to teach us attendees how to tackle the perfect brush out, roll those ever tricky victory rolls, create faux bangs and finally to set our hair correctly with rollers. Over glasses of bubbles and cupcakes, Lucie demonstrated the tips and tricks for all of these styles with the help of Siobhan (who gave me a hand with those tricky back of the head rollers!) and her hair model for the day Scarlett Luxe.

I couldn’t say that I’m now my own vintage hair styling expert, but I definitely know more now than I did before the workshop and having some of the tools needed kindly gifted to us (rollers, pin tail and wide tooth combs and setting lotion among other things) will make my own future sets a lot easier. As Lucie said, the demonstrations give you quite a few lightbulb moments where you realise where you might not be doing things quite right and that’s why your front swoop keeps drooping (me!).

Ilove Lucie workshop
First attempt at Faux Bangs – the roll is a bit too small for me though!

The ladies of Revival Retro were wonderful hosts and after the class we had the chance to try on anything we liked. I tried a beautiful Emmy Designs Sweden “Ice Skater” cardigan and some of the other girls were trying coats and hats.

If you are new to setting your hair in a vintage style, have some experience but want to learn more or even just want to have a girly day and meet some new faces I would definitely recommend attending one of Lucie’s clases if you can!

Nic x

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