Navidad en Alicante – Our Christmas Holiday Diaries

At Christmas, Dimas and I spend alternate years in either England or Spain and this year it’s a Spanish Christmas year! This year is even more special as we have not been back to Spain since our honeymoon a year and a half ago.  It’s been a long time coming and we have both been looking forward to some time away and to see all the family so much.

We arrived yesterday morning, and because the flight was very early in the morning the first day was more about catching up with the family and sleep! But today, we were looking forward to getting out an about in the city again.

This afternoon we decided to take a stroll around the city centre, stop at our favourite place for a coffee and see the Christmas lights. We took a few photos of the lights along one of the main roads.

We also stopped at the nativity scenes – called a belén – and as you can see from the photos; the level of detail in each scene is outstanding.  This week we hope to meet up with our cousin to visit the nativity scene exhibition inside the town hall and see the work of different miniature artists.

Outside the town hall, there was a gorgeous Christmas market with lots of handmade jewellery, food trucks, leather accessories and natural products. Dimas picked up a custom made leather ring and he got me a beautiful reproduction vintage cameo brooch. We also bought some natural wax fragrance blocks that smell of the baby cologne Nenuco that we both love the smell of.

It was a lovely way to spend an evening after so much time away, and so relaxing!

Let’s see what we do next…

Nic x

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