Navidad en Alicante – Tibi

Since my last post just before Christmas, we’ve had a wonderful time with all the family and so much yummy food for Christmas Eve dinner and Christmas Day lunch!

Most evenings, we have been going for walks around the city centre and wandering in and out of the shops; occasionally stopping for coffee and of course churros. But today after lunch we went with the family to visit Dimas’ brother’s patch of land that he has for bee keeping in a nearby village called Tibi. This tiny town or pueblo is up in the mountains and the views from his land are stunning as you can see.

The old mill by the river

The town itself is so quaint and tranquil that even on a Thursday evening and you can barely hear a sound apart from the church bells calling for Mass.

La Ermita de Santa María Magdalena

Tibi has an ermita which is a shrine or chapel for Mary Magdalene that has been there since 1445. There’s a beautiful tree lined marble walkway leading up to the chapel and after that there is path for La Santa María Magdalena with cross marked stones along the way. The ermita was built in Tibi as it was said that Saint Mary appeared there before a young blind woman to help relieve the town of a disease that plagued the people every year.

in the centre of the town we also came across this lovely plaza with benches and planters decorated with beautiful traditional blue and white tiles. We also stopped to look at La Fuente de la Glorieta which served as a fountain for the townspeople and filled the pond behind that was used to do laundry.

If you happen to be travelling around Alicante and have some time to visit some of the small surrounding villages, I would definitely recommend stopping in Tibi for a walk around the town before having a coffee in a local bar.

Nic x

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