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Photo by Suzy Hazelwood on Pexels.com

Dear readers, I’d like to start by apologising for my long absence. If I am perfectly honest, I did lose my blogging mojo for a while and this was down to a number of reasons…

A lot has happened over the course of this year; firstly hubby and I bought our first home together and soon after signing off on the mortgage we found ourselves expecting a little bundle of joy! So it’s safe to say that these were some big life changes in a short space of time.  As well as changes to my job and then the pandemic making the world stand still for months – blogging certainly fell was at the bottom of my list of priorities!

So, after having baby girl a few months ago and spending more time at home on maternity leave, I thought about what I enjoy doing and the things I would like to make more time to do in between looking after baby and keeping house in a (reasonably!) decent state; and blogging was one of those things. I hope to now be able to post on the regular a little more from now on – recipes, craft projects and other things that I happen to get up to during nap times or while out and about in Essex and hopefully beyond.

Well, here’s to rediscovering my blogging mojo and bringing you lovely readers more content in the very near future!

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